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Who is Weedingtech

We are the world’s leading herbicide-free weed control company. Incorporated in 2011 and headquartered in London, we have led the thermal weed control revolution since then. Our mission is to become the world-wide leaders in herbicide-free weed control in the municipal, domestic and agricultural markets, providing a viable and sustainable alternative to commonly-available herbicides, and to help organisations reduce reliance on these chemicals worldwide.

Our business is driven by four core pillars which define what we do and how we operate.


As pioneers of the most progressive and effective herbicide-free weed control system in the world, innovation is at the heart of our business. To fulfil our mission to offer and supply the most effective alternative to herbicides, we are proud to work with a team of globally-renowned scientists and experts to develop the best technology, products and machinery available in our sector today. We also operate a world-class research and development programme which ensures that our system is always moving forward in line with our clients’ needs, keeping us one step ahead of the market at all times.


Weedingtech is driven by technical excellence. Our award-winning MW-Series delivery system and our Foamstream consumable are expertly manufactured to the highest possible standards; a process which is overseen by our world-class technical team. This means our clients can benefit from a combination of the very best of British engineering, together with leading-edge scientific expertise that makes the MW-Series and Foamstream the world’s leading herbicide-free weed control system.


Our global supply chain and distribution network allows us to make our unique weed control system easily available to progressive organisations all over the world. We have over a hundred different clients successfully utilising our technology from the UK and Europe (where our system is used in a vast array of settings – including across nine major capital cities), to Canada and New Zealand. Supplying our system to an international marketplace means we can help to directly contribute to global ambitions on reducing the world’s reliance on herbicides and offer organisations everywhere a choice when it comes to their weed control requirements.


We understand when you buy a state-of-the-art machine you expect state-of-the-art after sale support. Together with our distributors, who provide world class front line support in most of our territories, we put excellence in after sale support at the heart of everything we do. This means delivering unparalleled support and world-class service to all of our clients as part of our after-sale programme. Through our network of highly-qualified service engineers and our global support team, we are able to provide ongoing technical assistance to our clients from the moment they begin their herbicide-free weed control journey. In addition, our distributors also have world class technical infrastructure to provide the best possible after sale support. This is why we select and work with them. We share a common vision to provide the best possible customer support. This service-orientated approach means that we are able to gather constant insight from our clients on their needs and how they use our system – all of which feeds in to our world-class research and development programme.