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How to minimize Health and Safety risks to employees, the public and the environment by using Foamstream

  • Client: City of Courtenay, BC, Canada
  • Sector:
  • Background: Population 25,000. It is the urban and cultural hub of the larger community Comox Valley with many beaches, rivers and lakes and natural outdoor recreational spaces.
  • No. of machines: 1 MW-Series.
  • Areas treated: Asphalt, concrete and cobbles. Gutter lines, sidewalks, public plazas.
  • Previous methods used: Hand weeding, mechanical weed eaters.


  • A big health and safety risk to employees with hand weeding – needed a solution to avoid risk of employee injury. 
  • Unsatisfied with other alternative methods which prove costly.
  • Essential to have an environmentally friendly solution suitable for use around people, animals and waterways.

How we helped 

Used mostly to treat grasses, dandelions and heavy moss, the immediate die back and heavily reduced regrowth was very apparent from first use. It’s effectiveness on hard surfaces (such as asphalt, concrete and cobbles) also resulted in fewer treatments being needed thus freeing up workforce time for other tasks around the city. It’s ability to be used in bad weather was also of particular value as it minimized any downtime. 

Furthermore, Foamstream’s safe and ergonomic design, and ease of use for the operator, meant the city no longer had to be concerned with injury or fatigue to the workforce, unlike when using previous manual practices. 

Foamstream provided the City of Courtenay with a safe and easy to use system for their workforce along with a safe and effective solution to use around the public and the environment.  


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Before and after

Treating curb edges using Foamstream After treating with Foamstream

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