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Independent UK lab tests show Foamstream's chemical-free foam kills coronavirus surrogate in under 10 seconds, under European Testing conditions.

Our award-winning British technology which is used by municipalities around the world to kill weeds and algae without chemicals could prove a vital tool in the fight to reopen our towns and cities by ensureing our streets are clean and disinfected.

Foamstream despite originally being invented as a herbicide-free way to control weeds, moss and algae in public spaces, including parks and city streets has been confirmed in independent lab tests to quickly kill a coronavirus surrogate particles  – in under 10 seconds.

Our Foamstream ‘wand’ emits near-boiling hot water, blended with natural plant oils and sugars including wheat, maize, potatoes, rapeseed and coconut oil on surfaces.

Independent laboratory research by BluTest, one of the United Kingdom’s leading laboratories and an internationally recognised expert in virus testing, showed that Foamstream killed 99.99% of all the coronavirus surrogate particles within seconds and without recourse to chemicals that might harm the environment or the public. This makes it one of the fastest-acting disinfectants.

Leo de Montaignac, our CEO, said: “We began exploring other uses for the technology beyond weed control last year, including the elimination of harmful materials – something which is now more crucial than ever. As lockdown restrictions relax and children return to school and people enjoy public outdoor places again, it is vital they are safe. Foamstream can help by destroying harmful particles, preventing their transmission and giving peace of mind to millions across the UK and many more around the world.

He added: “The applications of this are enormous. It can be used in sports stadiums, bus shelters, school playgrounds and parks. It can help make children’s play areas safe, as well as park seating, outdoor gyms, theme parks, beach front seating, station platforms and bus and tram stations.”

Until now, no other outdoor sanitisation technology has met all necessary criteria to be considered a viable solution in eliminating coronavirus. Foamstream is significantly faster and easier to use than most current manual sanitisation practices, like disinfectants. Furthermore, it’s approved for organic use and non-toxic, meaning it can be used in the majority of outdoor settings.

Given these breakthrough lab results, Foamstream will work with local municipalities and other landowners to help decontaminate public places so they are safer for people to use and enjoy.

Dr. Sandy Primrose MBE, UK renowned microbiologist and virologist, said: “To date, deep-cleaning processes have typically involved various chemicals and presented several logistical challenges, particularly with larger spaces such as train stations, but Foamstream scales up the process and offers an infinitely more effective and safe solution.”

What us surrogate testing?

Dr. Franck Balduchhi explains “The test was performed on a SARS‐CoV‐2 surrogate called murine coronavirus, which is not the ‘human coronavirus’. Using a surrogate for testing purposes is in-line with the international testing standard for such a test: as surrogates are harder to kill than human strains there is total confidence that efficacy on a surrogate will translate into efficacy on the human strain. Testing on SARS‐CoV‐2 (human coronavirus) presents logistical issues, as only a handful of laboratories in the world are allowed to handle it, in a specifically confined atmosphere.”

How does it work?

The virus particles begin to break down when subjected to heat upwards of 56°C / 133°F and the higher the temperature the faster the kill rate. Foamstream flows from the lance at 98°C / 208°F. The heat in the hot water is trapped on the virus by a biodegradable foam blanket, stopping the heat from escaping to the atmosphere. The virus particles are destroyed by the heat in the water, as they’re simply broken apart.

Given that Foamstream is chemical-free, there’s no need to cordon off treatment areas prior to, during, or after treatment, as the product is safe for people, animals and delicate ecosystems. In addition, it can be used on flat and vertical surfaces too, making it highly effective, versatile, and user-friendly.

Foamstream systems are already in use for controlling vegetation across the world in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami, Munich, Barcelona, Budapest, Manchester, Dublin, London, Auckland, Hong Kong and Montevideo. Global distribution is already established (typically through Toro and John Deere distributors) on five continents, making Foamstream technology easily accessible to all.

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