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Green Financing Options

We have devised a range of affordable finance options for our UK clients to make our state-of-the-art delivery systems available to all parties*.

Typical Financing Option

Based on a 5-year term starting from as little as £152 per week.

Below are the financing options available:
(Instalment prices are based on our Foamstream Municipal delivery system – RRP £31,000 – All prices are excluding VAT.)

1. The Machine Finance Cost alone

Machine Finance Cost*
3 Years 5 Years
Weekly Cost £234 £152
Monthly Cost £1012 £659

2. The Machine Finance Cost plus one of our tiered service packages.
(To find out more about what is included in our service packages, please call 0203 909 0050)

Machine Finance Cost Plus Tiered Service Package*
3 Years 5 Years
Bronze £1166 £805
Silver £1297 £929
Gold £1440 £1064

Why it is beneficial to take out one of our financing options:

  • An alternative to a cash purchase, releasing valuable capital for your company.
  • Capital Equipment – No capital outlay. No major outlay is required; a small monthly fee by direct debit is all that is required.
  • Tax deductible – All of the payments made under a financing agreement are treated as an operating cost and therefore reduce the taxable profit of the business by 100% of the charges.
  • Fixed term & payments – All of our finance options are on a fixed interest basis over a fixed term and remain constant regardless of movement in bank interest rates, which leads to accurate budgeting.
  • P.A.Y.E. – The majority of capital acquisitions are for one of two purposes, to make or save money. No upfront costs are required and therefore the business can obtain the goods immediately and then experience the savings or additional profits to pay for the future financing payments.
  • Alternative funding source – Protect existing lines of credit such as loans & overdrafts.
  • Use capital more profitably – Gross margin on retail goods far exceeds interest payment on a financing facility
  • Spreads the cost over a defined period, typically 5 years.
  • You pay for the use of the machine, not the ownership.
  • Treated as a revenue expense rather than a capital expense.
  • Spreads the cost of maintenance, with no annual price rise.



It is our company policy to buy – Do you make a profit? Are you aware of the valuable tax allowances to reduce tax? Why tie up cash in depreciating assets?
We are cash rich company – Use your capital for growth, create revenue and let the savings from the equipment service the lease.
Rates are too expensive – Rates are very competitive at present, however even in times of high rates leasing can prove to be a most cost effective and viable method of financing
I like to pay for things up front – Do you pay staff salaries 3, 5 or 7 years in advance?
Isn’t leasing for those companies who can’t afford it? Most accountants and large companies use leasing to benefit from its numerous advantages.
We have a facility at the bank – Leasing allows for the bank facility to stay intact, for future growth or possibly those unforeseen circumstances.

If you wish to explore our financing options in more depth, please contact us on 0203 909 0050 or email [email protected] and we would be happy to provide a full report based on the quotes specified above for you.

*All financing options are subject to credit.