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The Use of Foamstream for Commercial Weed Control

Weeds are recurring and problematic but can be safely and effectively removed permanently using herbicide-free products. Here at Weedingtech we are the world’s leading herbicide-free weed control company and we aim to produce viable and sustainable products to use in urban and commercial weed control. Commercial weed control tailors weed management to any part of commercial, industrial, council or government property or sporting area.

Why are weeds a problem?
Weed presence can reduce nutrients and moisture in the soil as well as look unsightly. It is therefore crucial to be controlling weeds on roads, pavements and playgrounds. It is important to control commercial weeds for health and safety reasons to maintain clear pedestrian and vehicular routes and clear sight lines, as well as aesthetical reasons. Here at Weedingtech we get to the route of the problem and we have developed Foamstream that does just this which is safe for use for all commercial weed control needs.

What is Foamstream?
Foamstream is an effective weed control system and you can find it to be:

  • Cheaper
  • Highly effective for moss and algae removal
  • Simple and less time consuming
  • Environmentally friendly

Foamstream is the world’s leading herbicide free method for killing weeds and moss. It is developed to be a state-of-the-art system which kills weeds using a precise combination of hot water and biodegradable foam. It can be used in almost all locations and is well suited for treating sensitive environments and areas where herbicides are restricted. Foamstream has further uses in cleaning chewing gum and to tackle street cleaning requirements.

How does Foamstream work?
Foamstream works by applying heat to the weed in the form of hot water and foam. The foam is dense which prevents it from blowing away or being washed by rain, keeping a thermal blanket on the weed long enough to kill it. Foam is the most effective method for reducing heat and energy loss unlike other methods such as; thermal burners, hot water systems and steam units. The foam retains heat for up to 20 times longer.

The benefits of a good commercial weed control system
A good commercial weed control system comes with many benefits. Weedingtech uses herbicide-free products which is crucial in environmentally controlled areas. Services from Weedingtech are highly effective from the first treatment and the result is the weeds being completely abolished. Organic matter in soil is essential for plant growth, thus controlling weed problems will improve soil quality and impacts desired growth. Foamstream improves soil quality without disrupting the surrounding environment and ecological system. Using the right maintenance, good grass and desired plants will thrive and grow free from weeds and contaminants, reducing the need for constant refurbishment. Foamstream is certified organic which ensures it will be effective for weed control but safe for delicate flowers. The use of Weedingtech products is precise and can make any sidewalk or walkway look great. Good weed control can ensure a pleasant aesthetic, as well as greater health and safety. Foamstream tackles weed problems at the source thus targets pre-emergent processes and prevents the germination process and stops the weeds before they become a problem.