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Farmers Guardian:


Farmers Weekly:

“the need for expansive hand-weeding can be drastically cut”

Cleantech Investor:


John French, Chief Executive of Adapt Low Carbon Group:

“Weedingtech is a local company with products that have the potential to have a global impact on reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact”

Farming UK:

“innovative weeding technology that provides a cost effective, flexible and natural alternative to expensive and time consuming weeding for high value crops and offers an alternative to a number of specific synthetic-herbicide applications”

“state of the art”

“realistic and effective”

“an exciting and major advance in weed management”

“simple but highly effective”

Government & Public Sector Journal:

“the first effective, financially viable opportunity for herbicide-free, 100% natural and renewable weed control”

“simple but highly effective”

“ground-breaking solution”

“using Foamstream we can make our towns, cities and countryside greener and cleaner than ever”

Organic Growers Alliance:

“enormously flexible way of controlling weeds”

The Groundsman:

“award winning, groundbreaking weed control system”

“the first effective, herbicide-free and environmentally safe system to kill weeds”

Blue and Green Investor:

“solves the problem of crops ever increasing resistance to traditional herbicides, whilst not contaminating water with glyphosate”

Landscape & Amenity:

“revolutionary solution”

“simple but highly effective”

Pesticides News:

“Weedingtech is not only offering herbicide-free alternatives but is responding to the increasing reality that times will change, legislation will tighten, and there will be a need for everybody to be more environmentally responsible”

“the future seems bright for Weedingtech”

“Weedingtech do not simply man the doors of ethical alternatives to weed control, they are the very foundations of it”

“Foamstream works as effectively as herbicide”

Karen Waters, Operations Manager, Countryman’s Contractors:

“Countryman’s Contractors recently invested in an MW-Series from Weedingtech; we recognised that Foamstream fills a gap in the market giving us the ability to offer our clients a wider range of services generating new opportunities for our business. Foamstream allows us to bypass complex restrictions around herbicide use and meet the clients’ and general public’s agenda for greener, more sustainable public services.

Countryman’s is committed to protecting the environment and making our towns, cities and countryside greener, cleaner and safer than ever before. We’re really excited about rolling Foamstream out and would be delighted to speak with any other councils or organisations about how Foamstream can help them.”