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The following is an in exhaustive summary of relevant aspects of the standard terms and conditions of Weeding Technologies Ltd (“WTL”) and is subject to those terms and conditions. Where this summary and those terms and conditions conflict, those terms and conditions take precedence. You are advised to read the full terms and conditions including so as to take note of further exclusions of liability.

In no case of sale or supply of goods (without express written agreement, and save as required by law) does WTL accept any liability towards any person other than the original purchaser (“you”) or in respect of any alleged defect not notified by you to WTL within the warranty period given by the manufacturer (or in the case of goods manufactured by WTL six months from delivery).

You are notified that the standard warranty period given by WTL is 12 months from installation but no longer than 18 months from date of delivery ex-factory.

Any claim must be notified to WTL within 7 days of delivery or (subject to the above) in the case of any defect which is not reasonably apparent on inspection then within seven days of the defect coming to your attention (or of the date when the defect reasonably should have been apparent, if earlier).

WTL will have no liability if you do not comply with the above.

WTL’s options include repairing or replacing defective goods and allowing you credit for them. If WTL exercises such an option it has no further liability.

You must, if so requested in writing by WTL, at your risk promptly return any goods the subject of any claim and any packing materials securely packed and carriage paid to WTL for examination.

If any repairs, modifications or adjustments are carried out upon units other than by WTL then WTL will have no liability in respect of those units.

WTL does not accept any liability to you for any loss or damage of any nature except as expressly stated in the standard terms and conditions. This means among other things that WTL has no liability for consequential losses, property damage, penalties, liquidated, exemplary or aggravated damages, downtime, loss of goodwill, capital costs or any pure economic loss.

WTL does not accept any liability for defects resulting from wear and tear, accident, improper use or use except in accordance with the instructions or advice of WTL or the manufacturer or neglect or from any instructions or materials provided by you. Please note that this means WTL cannot accept liability in the event of use of unauthorised foam additive or alteration in factory foam additive dosage settings.