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The changing face of glyphosate legislation: what does it mean to our customers?

So far this year, we’ve been approached by more organisations than ever who are interested in making the switch to herbicide-free weed control solutions, prompted by the rapidly-evolving legislative landscape across Europe. Understandably, it’s a confusing time for those who rely on these products, as the long-term renewal of the licence for glyphosate continues to hang in the balance. We’re proud to be able to support the many organisations who have turned to us in recent months for advice, guiding them on their journey to a herbicide-free future and helping them realise their ambitions with our world-class system and service. As the landscape continues to evolve we’re ready to help our clients evolve with it and we’re ready to support many more organisations who wish to this progressive step over the coming months.

A changing European landscape

A changing European landscape

Does the public care?

Following the EU Commission’s decision to grant the temporary approval of glyphosate for another 18 months, levels of concern about the use of this chemical have escalated to an all-time-high.

As part of our ongoing programme of independent research and insight, earlier this year we surveyed over 2,000 residents in the UK to further understand the public’s attitude towards glyphosate. The study was carried out via independent market research and the findings backed by the Pesticides Action Network UK. The results were enlightening and revealed that almost 80% of people in the UK would like to see their local authority ban herbicides in public places completely. Among the top reasons for wanting to ban herbicide use, more than half (55%) cited health and safety reasons, while 90% called for greater transparency on the health & safety risks associated with herbicides.

It is clear that this concern is not going away and neither is this a debate which will be resolved overnight. While we are encouraged by steps being taken by individual governments across Europe to address the use of glyphosate, we believe that it is more pertinent than ever for councils and local authorities to take action and to look at alternatives such as introducing herbicide-free weed control into their services, especially in places such as parks and playgrounds as the body of evidence around potential health issues continues to grow and the argument for waiting to take action grows ever-weaker.


Progressive organisations are already taking steps to go herbicide-free in response to public concern