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Foamstream M1200 (previously Foamstream Municipal)

Developed specifically for the amenity and utility markets, the Foamstream M1200 (previously known as the Foamstream Municipal) is the larger of our two machine options which make up our Municipal-Series range.

With excellent user-functionality and unrivalled build quality, the Foamstream M1200 has been designed to efficiently control unwanted vegetation and tackle a variety of sanitisation tasks in green and urban spaces in the most cost effective way.

With an optimal output per hour of 700 m2 when treating low vegetation density and a higher flow rate, 12 litres per minute, than our smaller Foamstream M600, the Foamstream M1200 is perfect for quickly treating large open green and urban spaces such as parks, sports fields, large paved or communal areas along with many others.

The range of interchangeable lances allow for year-round use of  the machine so the M1200 can be used for a range of cleaning jobs from street cleaning, to gum removal and power-washing – ensuring customers gain maximum value from their machinery.

The Foamstream M1200 with its large water and consumable tank capacities is the ideal solution for organisations who need have large treatment areas to cover and need to treat them in the most time efficient manner.

Suitable for  mounting on a  pick-up, flat-bed truck or trailer.

Touchscreen Navigation Panel

Enhanced Foamstream Municipal features:

  • Touchscreen navigation panel
  • Embedded diagnostics
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Integrated hose reel
  • Dual-access forklift points
  • Accessories for cleaning and chewing gum removal
  • 38% lighter than the MW-series
  • Smaller product footprint for use on a wider range of vehicles

Key functionality features:

  • Burst application means operators use less foam and water.
  • Diesel and Foamstream tank capacity – minimum of 8 working hours
  • Automatic temperature and pressure control
  • Automatic foam dosage
  • Traffic light system to show when the machine is ready to use
  • Dynamic automated air-bleeding system
  • Ease-of-use with no specialist protective clothing or skilled training required

The table below highlights the key differences between the MW-Series and the new Foamstream Municipal.