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Optional Accessories

Our optional accessories have been created to enhance the user-functionality and user-experience of both our MW-Series and Foamstream Municipal machines. The range of interchangeable lances offer increased flexibility over weed and moss control and general street-cleaning solutions.

Street Cleaning, Gum and Graffiti Removal

Pavement cleaner
Part No: 300025
A rotating high pressure water jet for cleaning pathways and removing moss.

High Pressure Lance
Part No: SP073
For chewing gum removal from all surfaces or to pressure clean surfaces.

Foaming Nylon Scrub Brush
Part No: 300028
Soft nylon scrub brush for removing moss and algae. Suitable for most surfaces.

Hogs Hair Scrub Brush
Part No: 300030
Soft natural bristle brush for surfaces which may be scratched by synthetic bristles.

Brass-Hinged Rotating Brush
Part No: 300027
Hard wire rotating brush to scrub hard surfaces like pavement & walls.

Nylon-Hinged Rotating Brush
Part No: 300026
Soft rotating brush to clean smooth surfaces.

Vegetation Control

Twin Lance
Part No: SP0070
Multi-operator functionality. Smaller lance head allows greater delivery precision.

Wide Lance
Part No: SP0128
At 40% wider than standard lance, it allows treatment of a greater area per hour.

Additional Accessories

Goat Throat Pump
Part No: SP0122
No-spill solution to help fill machine with foam. Suitable for all types of fluids, requires no power source.

Screw Pump
Part No: SP0123
This small pump is good for filling up water or foam tanks. Low flow, it requires an electric power drill.

Runaway Safety Stop
Part No: SP0121
Auto shutdown and manual back up it has a security component in case engine is overfilled with oil. Includes adaptor plate.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
Part No: SP0103
Filters 99.4% of particulates from the generator and significantly reduces noise.

DPF Replacement Filter
Part No: SP0104
Replacement cartridge for DPF needed after 250 hours of operation.

Tool Kit
Part No: SP0109
Operator level tool kit, it includes everything needed for basic machine maintenance.

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