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The versatility of Foamstream: an all-round solution

Foamstream cleaning park - featured image

Foamstream is perhaps most well-known for its safe and organic way of killing weeds and unwanted vegetation in public spaces, but Foamstream can also be used for a variety of other tasks including street cleaning and sanitisation.  Foamstream is extremely versatile in its capabilities and can be used for almost any kind of vegetation control […]

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Top three ways to control weeds organically

If you’ve ever researched how to control weeds organically, you might have been overwhelmed by the variety of options that are available. To save you traipsing through the internet, we’ve outlined three ways to control weeds organically. Foamstream When it comes to controlling weeds organically, Foamstream is the most effective method. Foamstream combines heat from […]

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Herbicides and pesticides – what’s the difference?

man spraying water

Despite what you might think, the difference between herbicides and pesticides isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Herbicides are actually a type of pesticide, and so they technically aren’t different at all. Keep reading to find out more about the relationship between herbicides, pesticides, and alternative methods of weed control – like Foamstream. What is […]

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Weed control – what does it mean?

What is weed control? Is a question you might find you commonly ask yourself when observing tufts of unwanted vegetation sprouting from between the paving slabs. Weed control is the prevention or control of unwanted and invasive plants. By effectively controlling unwanted plants, there is less competition for water, nutrients and light for beneficial and […]

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The benefits of alternative weed control for contracting services

Alternative methods of weed control are increasingly becoming more prominent in today’s environmentally conscious society. As a contractor, this is an ideal opportunity to keep one step ahead of the competition and provide a herbicide-free solution to meet the growing demand for alternative weed control.  Read on to find out the benefits of offering an […]

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Glyphosate vs Foamstream – which form of weed control is right for your organisation?

Many cities and towns are still opting for glyphosate-based products as their primary method of weed control. However, following some recent changes in legislation and concerns raised in the media, some are making the step toward implementing a herbicide-free strategy in their local area by using products like Foamstream. When it comes to choosing whether […]

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