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How to use Foamstream to make direct time savings of 93% on treatment of weeds in organic environments, along with increasing opportunity-cost savings.

  • Client: Yeo Valley Farms, North Somerset
  • Sector: Organic Sites
  • Background: 1200 acre award-winning, organic dairy farm, garden and cafe
  • No. of machines: 1 MW-Series
  • Areas treated: Gravel car park, paving, around buildings and garden beds
  • Previous methods used: Hand weeding, strimming, mowing


  • Controlling weeds via hand weeding is costly on time and labour.
  • Weed regrowth was fast due to not being able to treat seeds and spores.
  • Difficult to plan labour due to weather.
  • Essential to have a solution suitable for organic use.

How we helped

Yeo valley needed an innovative and effective solution to control unwanted vegetation around their farms and sites. Being an organic farm, Yeo Valley were limited with the options they had available to them. They decided to test various traditional methods, such as hand weeding and strimming, against Foamstream. The benefits of Foamstream were visible immediately.

The biggest benefit when comparing Foamstream to the traditional practices was the time saved, which equated to 93%. In addition to this, the fact that Foamstream minimises regrowth by sterilising seeds and spores, resulted in far fewer treatments being needed across the season, again saving time and money.

Foamstream gave Yeo Valley added benefit from opportunity-cost savings where the labour traditionally used for hand weeding could instead be allocated to undertake tasks elsewhere. As a result of these cost and time savings, Yeo Valley decided to purchase a system.

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Areas treated at Yeo Valley

Around the tennis court Moss covered pathways

Yeo Valley Farms - Testimonial

"Weedingtech and Foamstream were the only viable option in terms of financial viability and also effectiveness. A lot of our residents, myself included, are concerned at the use of chemical herbicides around the places where our children play. One of the greatest things about Foamstream is its complete non-toxicity, its Soil Association stamp, which backs that up even further as far as I am concerned, and its viability on all types of weeds and all types of surfaces."
Emma George
Councillor, Glastonbury Town Council
“Our company has tried various alternative weed control solutions since 2010 and Foamstream is without doubt the most effective. Whereas hot water solutions only killed 50-60% of weeds on site, Foamstream instantly killed over 95% of weeds on first application, with just 2-3 applications (depending on the state of the soil) needed each year from then on. Foamstream is now the only weed control product for us.”
Jean-Pierre Lemire
Managing Director, Lemire Greenspace

Read more about how Foamstream helped Yeo Valley Farms.

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