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Weedingtech excited to announce new partnership with Riversa – esteemed Toro dealer

Weedingtech is excited to announce its new partnership with Riversa, the Spanish importers and distributors of products and machinery for professional lawn maintenance.

Riversa received the Toro Award for Best International Distributor 2017, awarded by The Toro Company. The award recognizes and rewards the company’s efforts at all levels and in all areas.

The company has been specialist in distributing equipment for maintaining green and urban spaces to its suppliers since 1976. Riversa has continued to grow with its core focus being on providing an excellent quality of customer service to its customers. The objective has always remained to provide products which are deemed safe and sustainable for the environment.

Weedingtech has taken its technology internationally and formed partnerships across the world with various well-known distributor partners – including Chief Equipment and Turf Star Western. In Portugal, Toro dealer Irrimac has greatly driven the use of Foamstream in the local communities. In a similar partnership, Riversa is set to become the exclusive distributor for Iberia in Spain. Partnering with Riversa and moving into the Spanish market is another huge step in the global expansion of the company’s distribution network and positioning of Foamstream as a world leader in the herbicide-free space.

As the demand for herbicide-free alternatives rises, it’s important that international markets have access to a commercially-viable and sustainable solution.


Leo de Montaignac, Weedingtech’s CEO, on the new partnership:

“’We’re delighted about our new partnership with the esteemed Spanish dealer – Riversa. They are the very best at what they do, which is highlighted by the fact they won Toro’s Award for Best International Distributor 2017.’’

‘’Riversa is a forward-looking company that places a strong emphasis on promoting and protecting the environment. This is one of the many reasons we wanted to partner with them. It’s always important that our partners possess the same values as us, especially when it comes to sustainably maintaining and managing our precious green spaces.”

‘’We look forward to working with Riversa to help their customers around Spain make their local communities greener, cleaner and safer than ever before.”


To find out more about Riversa, visit their website at Or to request a demo, visit