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Hot water v. foam fact-sheet

Vital ingredient: Why hot foam is the best herbicide-free weed control solution.

Why do we add foam?

  • It works better than hot water alone,
    and costs our customers less.
  • There is no system in the world as
    effective on moss and algae as hot
  • Foamstream requires less
    treatment cycles than any hot water
    product on the market.
  • Unlike hot water, hot foam results in
    important savings of limited resources
    of water and diesel and does not
    require the use of strong decalcifying

The environmental and business case for herbicide-free weed control has never been stronger. While confusion continues to reign concerning the safety and environmental impact of traditional weed control products such as glyphosate, it’s little wonder that those who use these products are turning to alternatives to limit their risk.

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