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Herbicide-Free Weed Control

Weedingtech | UK’s Leading Company in Herbicide-Free Weed Control

Is it possible to tackle weeds successfully with the use of herbicide-free weed control? Here is a look at what we use at Weedingtech.

Controlling hard-to-handle weeds on hard surfaces including roads, pavements and playgrounds is a major task that is completely dependent on the use of herbicides in the UK. Little if any resources are being given to alternative control methods. However, more and more countries in Europe do not permit the use of herbicides and alternatives such as flame and steam are regularly used to control weeds. At Weedingtech, we opt for a safer method, which is also herbicide-free.

Here is a fact sheet found on our website:
Hot water v. foam fact-sheet – Vital ingredient: Why hot foam is the best herbicide-free weed control solution?

  • It works better than hot water alone, and costs our customers less.
  • There is no system in the world as effective on moss and algae as hot foam.
  • Foamstream requires less treatment cycles than any hot water product on the market.
  • Unlike hot water, hot foam results in important savings of limited resources of water and diesel and does not require the use of strong decalcifying chemicals.

The environmental and business case for herbicide-free weed control has never been stronger. While confusion continues to reign concerning the safety and environmental impact of traditional weed control products such as glyphosate, it is little wonder that those who use these products are turning to alternatives to limit their risk.

So why Weedingtech?

Other companies claim to offer the competitive edge in herbicide-free weed control services, but none can offer the service and expertise of us here at Weedingtech. We started our business in the early 90s, so we have nearly three decades of weed experience. Let our hot-foam treatment be your next line of defence in weed removal and preventative for your home or business.

The word on Weedingtech:

Farming UK:
“Innovative weeding technology that provides a cost effective, flexible and natural alternative to expensive and time consuming weeding for high value crops and offers an alternative to a number of specific synthetic-herbicide applications”
“State of the art”
“Realistic and effective”
“An exciting and major advance in weed management”
“Simple but highly effective”

Government & Public Sector Journal:
“The first effective, financially viable opportunity for herbicide-free, 100% natural and renewable weed control”
“Simple but highly effective”
“Ground-breaking solution”
“Using Foamstream we can make our towns, cities and countryside greener and cleaner than ever”

Pesticides News:
Weedingtech is not only offering herbicide-free alternatives but is responding to the increasing reality that times will change, legislation will tighten, and there will be a need for everybody to be more environmentally responsible”
“The future seems bright for Weedingtech.
Weedingtech do not simply man the doors of ethical alternatives to weed control, they are the very foundations of it”
“Foamstream works as effectively as herbicide”