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Happy 90th Birthday to our East Coast partners – Wilfred MacDonald

At Weedingtech we’re committed to partnering with distributors whom share our same values in ensuring they take great pride in putting their customer at the forefront of everything they do. Today is a momentous milestone for one of East Coast partners Wilfred MacDonald – they have reached their 90th year in business. From the inception of their company in 1928, they have continued to grow with the core focus of their business being around providing the very best in customer service.

Mike Pelrine, Wilfred MacDonald’s President commented on their momentous birthday:

“It is an amazing accomplishment that we enter our 90th year in business. From my great Uncle, Wilfred MacDonald, who started the business, through my father, Jim Pelrine, who grew the business from the mid 60’s through the late 90’s, we have always been driven to be the best customer service business in the industry. We’ve had many ups and downs, but we have always been committed to one thing: making our customers successful. As we enter our 90th year, we look forward to the future as a well-diversified company, and our partnership with Weedingtech is a prime example. We are excited about the possibilities that Weedingtech offers us and our customers. They will open new doors for us as a company and help us grow our brand as well as theirs. 2018 is going to be an exciting year for us!”

Wilfred MacDonald – we’re excited about 2018 and the many opportunities for Weedingtech and our Foamstream technology in America too!

To find out more about Wilfred MacDonald – head to their website.