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Does Foamstream work as well as herbicide?

Yes. Foamstream is the world’s leading herbicide free method for killing weeds, moss and algae. When it comes to treatment cycles and overall efficacy, is the closest thing to herbicide. In the case of moss, we believe that it is more effective. It is the result of a long journey towards developing a state-of-the-art system which kills weeds using our patented Foamstream process which is a precise combination of near boiling water and our biodegradable foam (the Foamstream itself).

Is there anywhere where Foamstream can’t be used?

Foamstream can be used anywhere except in the middle of large bodies of water. It is particularly well suited to treating sensitive environments, waterways and SSSIs where the use of traditional chemical herbicides is restricted. It has unrestricted use and is approved for organic use by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association and the Organic Soil Association. It is also safe to use around humans and animals.

Why is hot foam more effective than hot water?

There are a number of key reasons why Foamstream is more effective than hot water.

  • It works better than hot water alone as the foam acts as a thermal blanket, stopping the heat from the hot water being lost to the atmophere. This ensures that the heat is retained in the water for long enough so it remains in the kill zone (57 degrees +) for a prolonged period of time. This allows the heat to penetrate the plant’s waxy outer leaf layer accelerating the transfer of thermal energy down the stem and in to the root structure, causing the plant to die or to be severely damaged.
  • Due to the above, it is more effective as a treatment, therefore reduces the number of treatments needed per year so costs our customers less.
  • Foamstream is effective on seeds and spores due to the above reason, therefore helps to reduce regrowth later on in the season.
  • There is no system in the world as effective on moss and algae as hot foam.
  • Foamstream requires less treatment cycles than any hot water product on the market.
  • Unlike hot water, hot foam results in important savings of limited resources of water and diesel and does not require the use of strong decalcifying chemicals.


Is Foamstream only designed to be used for weeds?

No, it has also been proven to be effective on many different types of vegetation including moss, which requires just one treatment cycle, and also algae.  

We also sell optional lances for street cleaning, gum and graffiti removal which can be used to increase the versatility of Foamstream and our state-of-the-art delivery machines.

To find out more about our range of optional lances, click here.

Can the system be used in any other settings?

Yes absolutely. Our equipment comes with the choice of optional lances which can be used to clean away chewing gum and tackle all manner of street cleaning requirements including street furniture, historic monuments and cobbled paving. Furthermore Foamstream allows our users to treat the greatest variety of surfaces, far more effectively than any other solution.

For more information on our range of optional lances, click here.

Do you have other products in the current range?

We are currently building our amenities range. Our Foamstream Municipal is a smaller and lighter delivery system with enhanced functionality  of our MW-Series and is suitable for use in smaller town and village environments. Our larger delivery system, the MW-Series can be used in settings such as on motorways, highways or major long stretches of road.  We are also actively exploring new product development in the horticulture and viticulture sectors.

Can I rent or hire one of your machines?

Yes you can in many of the regions we cover. You can find out whether rental options are available in your area by getting in touch with your local distributor. If you cannot find a local distributor, please contact Weedingtech HQ for more info.

What scientific studies have been done to confirm Foamstream’s safety?

The foam itself is made from 100% biodegradable, organic materials, making it completely safe and sustainable no matter where it’s used. The Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) has confirmed that Foamstream is not considered to have a pesticidal effect in the context of EC Regulation 1107/09. We can also supply a safety data sheet according to EC Regulations 1907/2006 (REACH) and 1272/2008 (CLP) upon request. Foamstream has regional approval from all countries in which we operate and is approved for organic use. Furthermore, multiple scientific studies, from the Clean Region Project, to independent research by experts such as Dr Arndver Schwele at JKI and Dr. David Hanke at Cambridge University, have conclusively proven that water insulated by the addition of foam, delivers greatly improved weed and vegetation control compared to systems which use only hot water.

Does Foamstream work with invasive weeds?

Yes. We’ve seen particular success with Crassula and other invasive species that grow up around water.

How quickly does Foamstream take effect?

The effects of Foamstream are visible within minutes; the cell walls of treated weeds rupture as soon as the foam is applied and the weed discolours noticeably. Watch our Foamstream film to see the process in action.

What is Foamstream made of?

Foamstream is made from natural and sustainable plant oils and sugars derived from potatoes, maize, wheat and rapeseed oil.  All materials used in the manufacturing process are non-GM and from sustainable sources. Although we use less than 0.001% palm oil in Foamstream, it is certified as sustainable through the GreenPalm programme run by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

We also have a palm-free version of Foamstream, Foamstream Plus which is olive oil based. Read our environmental policy here.

How does Foamstream work?

Foamstream works by applying heat to the weed in the form of hot water and foam. The foam acts as a thermal blanket, holding the heat from the hot water in the  on the weed long enough to kill it. The density of the foam is such that it doesn’t blow away in the wind or wash away with rain.

Why is foam necessary?

Any thermal treatment is quite simply about the most effective transfer of heat to the plant.  Thermal burners, hot water systems and steam units all suffer from huge losses of heat and energy in to the atmosphere immediately after application and this is ultimately why these systems are ineffective.  The foam is the most effective method for reducing heat and energy loss as it creates a blanket over the hot water, holding it at the vital killing temperature for up to 20 times longer.

How much training is needed for teams working with Foamstream?

No formal regulatory training or certification at all is needed so after a half day practical induction session with our expert trainer, your team will be ready to start using Foamstream and our delivery systems straight away.

How do you apply Foamstream?

Foamstream can only be applied by using one of our lances attached to one of our delivery systems. The lances high level of precision means surrounding vegetation avoids being damaged whilst access to previously hard to reach edges and cracks becomes possible. Read more about the technical specification for our MW-Series in our  brochure.

How many applications are usually required in a season?

Typically, weeds treated with Foamstream require just two to three treatments per season (or as little as one if you’re treating moss and algae) – that means that it delivers the lowest cost of ownership for users. If you were to take foam out of the equation and use a hot water system instead, you would require between five and seven treatments per season and a minimum of two on moss.

How much does Foamstream cost?

Please contact us on +4420 3909 0050 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements so that we can provide you with details of our pricing.

Where can I buy Foamstream?

Foamstream is available exclusively from Weedingtech and via our approved global network of distributors. Contact us via email here or click here to contact your closest distributor for more details.

Can I just buy the foam?

Sadly not. Because the foam is part of our patented Foamstream process, the foam must be used only with our state-of-the-art delivery systems in order for it to work.

What type of weather conditions are needed to use Foamstream?

Foamstream can be used in all-weather types (unless it is unfair to ask someone to go outside). This is a big change from traditional spraying and provides our end users with the certainty of knowing when they are going to treat their weeds, allowing for better business planning and improved time management for weed management operatives.

Can Foamstream be used around water courses?

Yes absolutely.  We’ve worked with water companies across Europe where Foamstream has proved itself to be extremely successful in the most sensitive of environments. Find more information here about the benefits of Foamstream for water companies.

Is Weedingtech looking for new distribution partners?

Yes absolutely. We want to be able to offer our technology to as many people as possible.  We’re successfully working with partners in many territories across the globe already, but give us a call if you would like to find out whether there is an opportunity in your region.

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