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A picture of glyphosate sat on a shop shelf.

The indecision around the vote on re-licensing Glyphosate continues.

Yesterday saw another failed attempt by the EU to come to a conclusion regarding the re-licensing of Glyphosate for the now reduced term of five […]

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A picture of our new American Foamstream distributors - Wilfred MacDonald

Wilfred MacDonald becomes Weedingtech’s latest American Foamstream distributor

Wilfred MacDonald, turf equipment specialists in New Jersey, USA are the latest company to join our fast-growing list of distributors. They will stock our herbicide-free […]

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EU fails to make a decision on the Glyphosate licensing

The EU postpone their vote on the renewal of glyphosate’s license

Today the EU postponed their vote on the decision on whether to renew glyphosate’s license for a further ten years.  Insufficient support has led to […]

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Peter Hambro invests in Weedingtech, herbicide-free weed control.

Peter Hambro joins Weedingtech’s stellar list of high-profile investors

Peter Hambro is announced as one of our latest investors to join the stellar line up of high-profile shareholders from across the clean tech sector. […]

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Royal warrant holders make Foamstream their herbicide-free weed control of choice

Burleys, the Royal warrant holders who are part of the TCL Group, have chosen our Foamstream weed control solution as their herbicide-free weed control of […]

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Neonic Application is Turned Down

The NFU applied for use of two neonicotinoid pesticides on oilseed rape crops which were restricted in 2013 under the reason that they have effects […]

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The Use of Foamstream for Commercial Weed Control

Weeds are recurring and problematic but can be safely and effectively removed permanently using herbicide-free products. Here at Weedingtech we are the world’s leading herbicide-free […]

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Why You Need Herbicide-Free Weed Control

They’re stubborn, oh so pesky, and seem to multiply year after year. The good news is, Weedingtech is the world’s largest herbicide-free weed control company […]

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Herbicide-Free Weed Control

Weedingtech | UK’s Leading Company in Herbicide-Free Weed Control Is it possible to tackle weeds successfully with the use of herbicide-free weed control? Here is […]

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Calculus Capital invests £3m in Weedingtech

Calculus Capital has invested £3m in cleantech firm Weedingtech, which is focused on replacing toxic herbicides. Weedingtech is a world leader in herbicide-free weed and […]

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