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There are many reasons why authorities would want to reduce their herbicide use. For decision makers at educational institutions, the reasons can vary from legislation changes and health concerns about glyphosate, to being able to use their weed control method around people. 

We break down the benefits of using herbicide-free weed control methods at educational establishments, and why Foamstream could be the best option for your school or university. 

Are herbicides safe to use around people?

Concern surrounding the use of pesticides has increased over the last few years - namely those that include glyphosate. This concern has resulted in many local authorities across the globe looking for herbicide-free methods of weed control. Legislation surrounding the use of glyphosate is changing, with the aim to move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life.

Is there a herbicide-free weed control method suitable to use around students?

There are a variety of herbicide-free methods which can be used around people, and the most effective is our Foamstream system. Foamstream is a herbicide-free method of weed control that uses an environmentally safe, biodegradable foam. The foam layer provides insulation to the hot water that surrounds the plant, ensuring that the water is above required temperature to kill the weed (57˚C/135°F). The plant is therefore subjected to the heat long enough for it to be killed or severely damaged. 

Foamstream’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic foam makes it the perfect method to use on school grounds, university campuses and other educational establishments.

Foamstream: A solution for many different tasks

There are many reasons why schools and universities benefit from using our Foamstream system.

1. It’s people-friendly

Our green solution is certified as non-toxic and organic, meaning it can be used freely around people and animals. This is especially important for busy schools and universities, where the safety of staff and students is paramount. Operators aren’t concerned about their health, and parents can be safe in the assurance that Foamstream is child-friendly

2. It’s versatile

Foamstream can be used on all types of surfaces, from synthetic surfaces such as artificial running tracks, uneven ground like cobblestones, and soft surfaces such as football fields.

3. It’s multifunctional

Weed control isn’t the only thing Foamstream can be used for. Many organisations use Foamstream for cleaning and sanitisation purposes, such as gum and graffiti removal and cleaning playground equipment. 

What our Foamstream clients have to say

Many of our clients use our green solution for a multitude of tasks at schools, universities and other educational campuses. 

Minisink Valley Central District

Minisink Valley had been using string weeders and other forms of traditional weed control, which they were finding time consuming and costly. They also wanted a herbicide-free method of weed control which they could use in all weathers, around people, which is why they decided to switch to Foamstream. 

“The wonderful benefit of Foamstream is that it is safe. When working around children and people – this is an important consideration. We have over a dozen different types of playgrounds in Minisink and now we have a solution that is safer than pesticides and just as effective. A win-win.” - Nick Boffemmyer - Senior Groundsman, Minisink Central Valley District

Read more about Minisink’s experience with Foamstream in our case study

University of Wisconsin-Stout

UW-Stout wanted to use more sustainable methods of weed control on their campus, as well as reduce any herbicide related risks to staff and students.

“The main benefits of Foamstream for us have to be that it’s environmentally friendly, it can be used in all kinds of weather and to kill weed seeds. Over the last year using Foamstream, we’ve reduced our Roundup use by 80%.” - Mike Smith - Grounds Supervisor, University of Wisconsin-Stout

“The move away from synthetic herbicides will continue to make the campus look great but also provide peace of mind for students, employees and visitors who prefer a more natural approach to weed control.” - Sarah Rykal - Sustainability Manager, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Find out more about UW-Stout’s experience with Foamstream here

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