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Advisory Board

Weedingtech is fortunate to call upon a wide range of skilled individuals in pursuit of its goal to provide world class herbicide-free weeding systems.  To this end, an advisory board of leading horticulturalists has been set-up to offer the benefits of their expertise.

Dr David Hanke

David is a senior lecturer and Head of the Developmental Botany Research Group at the University of Cambridge Department of Plant Sciences, and fellow and Director of Studies in Biological Sciences of Jesus College, Cambridge.

He has lectured in cell biology, biochemistry, plant physiology and development at Cambridge for the past 40 years, and for 20 years gave a 16-lecture showcase of plant science to first year undergraduates, beginning with a photon of light and ending with the rain forests. His research is centred on plant hormones, encompassing a wide range of different plants, of stages in their development, and of aspects of their environment. He is currently working on the mechanism of basal resistance to viral, bacterial & fungal pathogens, and the mechanism of dormancy in buds, tubers & seeds.

Mr Mike May

We’re delighted to welcome Mike May to our advisory board.  Mike is a world renowned weed expert and his breadth of knowledge and passion will drive Weedingtech forward, meaning we can support our clients more effectively than ever.

Mike spent 16 years working at the Weed Research Organization, working on a wide range of topics and treatments.  Mike was then hired by the Morley Research Centre to lead their work on sugar beet and the farm environment development.  After 13 years, Mike was approached by Rothamsted’s Broom Barn Research Centre to lead weed control and technology transfer for the sugar beet crop and was subsequently made deputy director. He Led Broom’s Barn’s input to the government’s Farmscale Evaluations of GM Crops in collaboration with CEH (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology), Game Conservancy, SCRI (Scottish Crops Research Institute) and Rothamsted. Mike has subsequently taken on the role as a global consultant, continuing his work as one of the predominant work experts in sugar beet, whilst advising on a broad range of weed control issues and solutions.

Mike has Authored over 250 papers, including 23 fully refereed. He’s presented to growers, advisers, scientists and others – typically 30 to 50 meetings per year since 1984 in the UK and overseas. He’s been a member of IIRB (International Sugar Beet Research Institute) and its weed control group since 1984 and has good links with sugar beet and weed research worldwide.  Mike’s also an Honorary member of the AAB (Association of Applied Biologists) and a Trustee of Felix Cobbald Agricultural Trust.