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The world’s leading herbicide-free weed control product

Developed specifically for the Amenity and Utility markets, the new MW-Series is a standalone delivery system, that can be placed on a variety of vehicles in order to deliver precise applications of Foamstream.

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Foamstream is the most cost effective, versatile, and environmentally safe system for controlling weeds and moss on all surfaces, in all weather, all year round.

  • Kills weeds, moss and algae
  • More effective than any other herbicide-free alternatives
  • Most trusted herbicide-free solution

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Foamstream is already being used successfully by water companies, councils, contractors, farmers, private landowners and charities around the UK.


Foamstream is an exciting alternative to traditional weed control solutions and we look forward to exploring the benefits that its herbicide-free credentials will bring to Quadron and its clients.

Terry Burns

Contract Manager Quadron Services

Weedingtech’s Foamstream is a perfect fit with our ethos, and we were keen to get involved in the challenge to find out what it could do to help us. From the results we’ve seen so far we haven’t been disappointed – Foamstream is an extremely effective product for controlling weeds in a variety of different situations.

Gareth Clark

Managing Director Holt Farms LTD - Yeo Valley Farms

Foamstream is a very effective weed and moss control, we used it in schools: along fence lines, gravel car parks, patio areas and in/around drains.

Emmanuel Flecken

Senior Contacts Officer East Sussex Country Council